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About Golden Living




Where does the name Golden Living come from? What does it mean?

The name Golden Living was chosen to reflect the company’s vision: to become a long-term care organization that is all about living -- an organization focused on enriching the lives of residents and patients, and providing them with dignity and purpose. Golden Living believes in helping our residents live their lives to the fullest.

How would you characterize the “company culture” of Golden Living?

Golden Living's mission is to provide outstanding clinical care. But we're here to do more than just meet our residents' and patients' physical needs -- we're committed to making our LivingCenters and Living Communities more comfortable and more inviting places to live. Our approach emphasizes teamwork and personal involvement to create a supportive, caring environment. We achieve results with integrity by following our Golden Living Code of Conduct.

Regardless of their role or job title, Golden Living employees clearly understand that everything they do ultimately supports one very important mission: to provide quality care to thousands of elderly or disabled men and women every day.

Why does my mother keep getting bedsores?

If your mother spends a lot of time in bed, she may be more susceptible to pressure ulcers, or bedsores. You can prevent bedsores by encouraging your mother to get up and walk around if she can. Or have her recline a position that does not irritate the area of the current bedsores. If she is unable to move on her own, help her change positions every two hours or less. She is also less likely to get bedsores if she drinks plenty of fluids and sticks to a nutritious diet. Be sure to tell your mother’s doctor if she keeps getting bedsores and ask for further suggestions on how to prevent and care for them.